Zyfra expands to Peru on its digital journey

Digital solutions supplier Zyfra Group, which has previously outfitted industrial manufacturers in Europe and Asia, has started 2019 taking on Latin America with the opening of an office for its Vist subsidiary in Lima, Peru
Zyfra expands to Peru on its digital journey Zyfra expands to Peru on its digital journey Zyfra expands to Peru on its digital journey Zyfra expands to Peru on its digital journey Zyfra expands to Peru on its digital journey

Finnish digital solutions vendor Zyfra opens office in Peru

The news comes as Zyfra CEO Igor Bogachev and Vist project director Mikhail Makeev travel to Peru and Chile for a two-week visit. The tour serves as a primary step in its mission to fulfil the region's technological demands, visiting mining companies and offering digital solutions and autonomous vehicles for industrial majors.

"The heart and soul of the world's copper extraction, Chile and Peru, are being shaken by the latest technology developments," Vist LatAm director Mario Rabines said.

"Within the region, the IT and operations departments are ready to change the status quo of the industry. The value proposition of our Zyfra and Vist solutions will increase the levels of productivity and safety to record levels not seen in the region yet."

Zyfra noted that, according to statistics from the Center of Telecommunication Studies, over the last 14 years work productivity in the region has grown and the total factor productivity was -0.48, proving the significant contribution of digitalisation to GDP growth.

"The escalation of digitalisation index by 1% results in 0.32% of total factor productivity," officials added.

Highly copper export-dependent Chile has launched Transforma Industrias Inteligentes to boost industrial digitalisation and reduce costs of production. Peru, meanwhile, wrapped up three long-term mining megaprojects this year (Quellaveco, Mina Justa and expansion of Toromocho) that are boosting the country's economy; howeever, in terms of digitalisation, the country is still conservative.

"The Peruvian mineries are currently not running any pilot projects in AI," the company said. "If world mining companies have made it to 3rd-5th level of automatisation and digitalisation, Peru is estimated to stay on the 1-2 level."

Zyfra first announced last year it planned to expand into Latin American in 2019. Founded in 2017, the company's operating presence now covers Finland, China, Russia, Bulgaria, India and Peru; it currently has over 200 production facilities worldwide.

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