Mt Pleasant rehab innovation

THIESS’ Mount Pleasant Operations team has been recognised for how it manages surface water drainage networks through strong quality assurance measures and its rehabilitation practices.
Mt Pleasant rehab innovation Mt Pleasant rehab innovation Mt Pleasant rehab innovation Mt Pleasant rehab innovation Mt Pleasant rehab innovation

Thiess, in collaboration with Mach Energy Australia, has introduced rehabilitation quality assurance controls at Mt Pleasant.

Lou Caruna

The New South Wales Resources Regulator has published an information release about the operation's rehabilitation controls and noted MPO's complex landform design.

Thiess, in collaboration with Mach Energy Australia, has introduced quality assurance controls including the sign-off of inspection and test plans across each construction phase - design, bulk shaping, topsoil placement, ripping and seeding and drain construction, to support progressive rehabilitation and reduce ongoing liabilities.

Thiess environment & civil manager James Anderson said those controls provided an unmatched foundation for sustainability, maximising rehabilitation outcomes and managing compliance with confidence.

"The implementation of these controls is an example of how we channel our global experience and insight to create advantages for our projects," Anderson said.


"Our proven systems and processes help deliver immediate efficiencies, reduce rework time and lower life of mine costs for our clients."

The MPO's complex landform design aims to meet end land use objectives while minimising impacts and delivering a more visually appealing landscape for the local community.

Since 2017 Thiess has provided construction services to Mach Energy including bulk profiling and shaping of mine spoil, construction of drainage networks, erosion and sediment control structures, final surface preparation, installation of habitat features, topsoil ripping, seeding, and planting.

This includes delivering the operation's first rehabilitation two months before first coal was mined.

Thiess environment superintendent Peter York said he recognised the team's robust processes and strict quality controls were critical to ensuring rehabilitation was delivered on time and to design specifications.

"Our rehabilitation is not just about quantity," York said.

"The final outcomes have to be quality as well, capable of meeting an agreed end land use.

"To help facilitate this, we work with Mach Energy to identify improvement opportunities to proactively manage environmental risks and adapt to changing regulatory conditions and evolving community expectations.

"Our systematic approach is helping us achieve industry firsts for rehabilitation while restoring self-sustaining native woodland ecosystems."