RST expands into specialised mechanical equipment

Fine particle management specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has expanded into the customised mechanical equipment market to more comprehensively service all aspects of mining and quarrying supply chains, from pit through to plant, rail and port operations
RST expands into specialised mechanical equipment RST expands into specialised mechanical equipment RST expands into specialised mechanical equipment RST expands into specialised mechanical equipment RST expands into specialised mechanical equipment

A modified spray designed to attach to a standard fire-fighting pump

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The range of mechanical application equipment includes water sprays, foaming systems and carry-back spray systems that are installed and designed on a case-by-case basis to fit a site’s specific needs.

The move to provide both dust management solutions and application equipment allows RST to offer services to a broader range of sites across all facets of the supply chain, whether its truck sprays for mine sites and ports, or spray systems for rail cargo.

David Handel, RST operations and technical director, said that the specifically-designed mechanical application equipment allowed RST to further customise its service offerings, and enhance the performance and application of RST’s existing suite of dust management technology.

“Providing tailor-made solutions to environmental management issues is an integral part of our service,” he said. “As such, our equipment is designed and installed on a case-by-case basis according to a site’s specific environmental requirements.

“So far we have supplied specialty equipment such as a foaming system to accompany our Hi-Foam dust suppressant, various spray systems and dosage pumps, as well as a truck wash system to assist in the application of our ‘Big Rig’ cleaning solution. Now that we are able to supply our own specialised application equipment, we have never been better equipped to customise our service and optimise results for our clients.”

The end results for an operator utilising RST products in combination with the specially-designed equipment is enhanced product performance, decreased labour time and reduced costs.

Decades of industry experience exposed RST to a broad range of site issues, equipping engineers with a deep understanding of what products and applications are suited to different site conditions.

“Being involved in both the supply and application of our environmental management products allows us to expand our range and meet demand for sites who need our products, but previously had no way of applying them,” Handel explained. “We are excited to be able to bring our environmental management solutions and expertise across to all aspects of the mining and quarrying supply chain.”

RST tailors the application equipment to a site’s needs to ensure the product is applied in the best possible way for a site and that the application of the product is as smooth as possible.