RPMGlobal, Quartile One partner up

RPMGlobal has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Quartile One, which means the mining industry will have access to RPM’s asset-management software aligned with Quartile One’s data-driven asset performance perspective across the mining value chain
RPMGlobal, Quartile One partner up RPMGlobal, Quartile One partner up RPMGlobal, Quartile One partner up RPMGlobal, Quartile One partner up RPMGlobal, Quartile One partner up

Maintenance maturity model

Staff reporter

RPM and asset-management and engineering consultant Quartile One began working together to support the implementation of AMT, RPM's asset-management software, for a large heavy earth-moving equipment fleet.

David Batkin, RPM's executive general manager of technology consulting and partners, said: "It is essential to identify and work with the industry's leaders to deliver the best offering for the mining industry.

"AMT is widely recognised within the industry as the premier asset-management software and when deployed with the expertise of Quartile One, it allows an operation to move away from a reactive or preventative maintenance management to a proactive strategy. Therefore, accelerating the maintenance management maturity curve."

Within the partnership, RPM's software, deployment and integration services are bolstered with Quartile One's expertise in change management, training and support to ensure RPMGlobal software rollouts are implemented smoothly, RPM explained.

"The main goal of any major software implementation project is to improve processes and maximise system integration with minimal disruption. RPM has joined efforts with Quartile One - now we can jointly offer best-practice asset-management knowledge and change management expertise to achieve that goal," Batkin said.

Since RPM and Quartile One began working together in May 2018, they have completed the successful rollout of AMT to a large mining contractor and are now working together in Australia and in the Ukraine.