Teck surveys with Skycatch drones

Teck Resources has selected Skycatch’s High Precision Package (HPP) for aerial drone surveying at several of its mining operations
Teck surveys with Skycatch drones Teck surveys with Skycatch drones Teck surveys with Skycatch drones Teck surveys with Skycatch drones Teck surveys with Skycatch drones

Teck using Skycatch at its Line Creek Operations

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: Teck is using a solution that is tailored for enterprise clients. Data collection and analytics company Skycatch said it's a cost-effective and safe approach to surveying with a wide range of benefits, including sub-5cm georeferenced topographic maps and the ability to perform on-the-fly volume calculations while sharing data efficiently.

Christian Sanz, founder and CEO of Skycatch, said: "Customers like Teck are setting new standards in the mining industry by implementing tools that support their mission of increased safety and efficiency."

Laura Ingram, senior engineering supervisor for Teck Line Creek Operations, said: "Using drone technology at our operations is just one of the ways Teck is putting innovation and technology to work across our company to improve productivity and enhance safety and environmental performance."

Teck is using Skycatch at its Red Dog Operations in north-west Alaska, US, and at its Line Creek steelmaking coal operation in the Elk Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Both of these sites can experience high winds and drastic temperature changes, which require a ruggedised UAV that can stabilise itself and withstand the most demanding conditions.

According to Skycatch, the HPP provides the full solution to rapidly collect and process the data capture with a crisp and precise output to view the progression of the site in near real time.