RCT automates Westgold operations

RCT is finalising a major automation project for Westgold Resources at five of its mine sites in Western Australia’s Murchison region
RCT automates Westgold operations RCT automates Westgold operations RCT automates Westgold operations RCT automates Westgold operations RCT automates Westgold operations

RCT's ControlMaster Guidance Automation technology will be installed on 10 loaders, including Cat R2900G loaders

Staff reporter

The package of works involved RCT installing and commissioning its ControlMaster Guidance Automation technology to 10 of Westgold's underground loader fleet across its mining operations, including Cat R2900G and Sandvik LH517 loaders.

RCT will also deliver its latest surface-based ControlMaster Automation Centres, which are equipped with Multiple Machine Selection and Multiple Machine Control options that are aimed at driving further mining production efficiencies at each site.

Guidance Automation encompasses a fully automated tramming cycle between production level locations, which includes proportional braking and automated steering and speed control.

The technology also includes features such as G-Dash, which can empower operators by presenting a graphical dashboard of the machine telemetry and diagnostic features to ensure optimal loader performance.

Implementing the ControlMaster Guidance Automation solution across Westgold's Big Bell, Paddy's Flat, Comet, South Emu and Starlight operations standardises the company's production technology and will deliver significant efficiencies and synergies.

Ryan Noden, business development manager mining - APAC at RCT, said that each delivery is being tailored to site-specific requirements.

"Over the past few months RCT has been working in a staged approach to upgrade Westgold's existing systems and consolidate the operating system across all operations to ControlMaster," he explained.

"The introduction of RCT's technology will offer Westgold a proven and successful pathway to mine digitalisation, with the ability to adopt the latest technology offerings as and when required and applying shared learnings across its operations.

"RCT is excited to be working closely with Westgold as a technology provider to achieve operational excellence."

David Noort, executive general manager - ACM at Westgold Resources, said he is delighted to be working with RCT. He commented: "We made the decision to implement the ControlMaster Guidance Automation solution due to RCT's proven productivity and technological reliability and proactive support services.

"Being able to implement Multiple Machine Selection/Multiple Machine Control is an added advantage as it will support staged growth and specialised applications where geotechnical constraints require a period of standoff before re-entry after blasting."

RCT has been upskilling Westgold site personnel by implementing operator and maintenance training courses and will carry out after sales support and field servicing on an ongoing basis.