Flowing forward smartly

As part of its plan to offer solutions in solid/liquid separation, Flowrox has unveiled what it is calling the next generation of filter presses: the Smart Filter Press (SFP)
Flowing forward smartly Flowing forward smartly Flowing forward smartly Flowing forward smartly Flowing forward smartly

The Flowrox SFP

The new release can reach a capacity 10 times that of conventional recessed filter presses of the same size, Flowrox explained.

Cleaner and safer for applications that are typically dirty, Flowrox said the SPF was an ideal alternative for mines that want to modernise their filter press installations to something more environmentally friendly.

Flowrox has designed the press for solid/liquid separation in flue gas desulphurisation, as well as for process water recycling in metal finishing, electrochemical machining, concrete recycling, industrial effluent treatment and municipal sludge dewatering.

"Thanks to its unique smart features and several error detecting functions, this filter can reach over 98% availability without any operator involvement," commercial product manager Matti Luoma said.

"Its sophisticated process cycle minimises the consumption of the utilities and spare parts."

Flowrox noted that it would offer lifelong user support on the new release, just as it does for other items in its lines.

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