New Emerson release cuts the noise

Emerson has released its newest product that is specifically designed to help improve product quality, reduce raw material cost and minimise waste and re-work: the Rosemount MS slurry sensor with the Rosemount 8782 slurry transmitter
New Emerson release cuts the noise New Emerson release cuts the noise New Emerson release cuts the noise New Emerson release cuts the noise New Emerson release cuts the noise

Emerson's Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter is designed for high noise and slurry applications

The slurry magnetic flow meter, also known as Slurry Mag, is ideal for high noise and slurry applications, and its coils and advanced signal processing offer a responsive, stable flow signal even in areas of the highest noise. It can be used for fluids with large solids, mining ore, pulp or sand, or in areas where there is signal instability.

"The Slurry Mag eliminates noise from the flow signal without using excessive damping, giving operators confidence in their measurement calculations," the company said. It added that it can help to meet every plant or mill's essential goal of accurate measurement of process flow rates, and in real time.

The new release also offers additional standard diagnostics for users, including grounding and wiring fault detection to ensure the meter is installed correctly. There are also optional advanced process diagnostics for greater performance insight via a high process noise detection diagnostic; it can aid in proactive maintenance in places where coating may be a concern.

The 8782 transmitter component contains Emerson's Smart Meter Verification capabilities, allowing users troubleshooting or meter simply and in a matter of minutes. It is designed to work alongside the MS sensor, but it is also compatible with existing 8707 installations - so anyone already using Emerson's solutions can have access to the new capabilities.

"Through the utilisation of advanced features, the Rosemount Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter can help our customers better achieve their operational goals," Emerson automation solutions business product manager Laura Chemler said.

"The advanced signal processing is able to adapt to changing flow rates without getting bogged down by traditional damping practices, providing more accurate flow rate feedback when it's needed most, which in turn helps to ensure an efficient overall process that minimises waste and optimises utilisation of precious resources."