Outotec expands flotation offering

Process technology company Outotec has introduced new flotation cell and level-control solutions to help boost metallurgical performance
Outotec expands flotation offering Outotec expands flotation offering Outotec expands flotation offering Outotec expands flotation offering Outotec expands flotation offering

Outotec TankCell s-Series flotation unit

Staff reporter

Expanding on its TankCell product portfolio, Outotec has now brought out the s-Series flotation units. These standardised models are based on the company's established TankCell e-Series solution.

According to Outotec, the new series provides "superior metallurgical performance with a fast return on investment" by enhancing throughput, grade and recovery.

"[The units] are easy to operate, allow a flexible layout and are designed to enable gains in throughput, grade and recovery, while improving the sustainability and minimising the environmental impact of your process," the company added.

The s-Series features standardised equipment that is delivered preconfigured, with units available in sizes from 5m3 to 30m3.

"Based on in-depth test work, we can design a tailor-made flotation circuit based on the s-Series that will deliver optimised cell volume and residence time for your plant," Outotec added.

The new Outotec CellStation, in turn, is an intelligent solution for controlling the air feed and pulp levels in flotation cells - a complex task that is made more challenging as the number and complexity of cells increases.

The solution incorporates Outotec's ExactLevel controller, which is designed to offer more accurate level control and reduce process disturbance. This can result in more stable froth conditions and potential improvements in the flotation cell's metallurgical performance.

Outotec CellStation also has plug-and-play connectivity with the Outotec FrothSense sensor system, which measures the essential properties of froth, including speed, direction, bubble size, stability and colour, while providing statistical data related to these variables.