Full (Mining) Solutions Ahead

Full (Mining) Solutions Ahead Full (Mining) Solutions Ahead Full (Mining) Solutions Ahead Full (Mining) Solutions Ahead Full (Mining) Solutions Ahead


4000 metres above the sea level, near the city of Colquijirca, Peru, a fleet including 30 Scanias are working night and day, removing around 37,000 Metric tonnes of overburden every day in North Tajo mine. The operator, MUR-WY, had just extended the contract length with the mine operator, Sociedad Minera El Brocal S.A.A. back in 2016.

Transportation takes up a third or more of the cost of many mining operations. Whether it’s renewing or extending the fleet, choosing the optimal solutions is crucial to the mine operators and contractors alike.

For MUR-WY, choosing Scania comes with additional values that goes beyond the price. Scania provides solutions based on the customer’s requirements and operational needs. Tailored products, on-site service, and real-time data are part of our offer to improve the customer’s Total Operating Economy.

Tailored products

Modular solutions deliver robust, reliable products that cater to mining-specific demands. Whether it’s in-pit trucks, outbound haulage, service vehicles, people transport, or industrial engines, there’s a Scania for every stage in mining.

By carefully analysing the operation cycle and environment, Scania can customise the trucks to create a perfect fit to deliver the maximum productivity. For MUR-WY case, the Scania G460CB8x4EHZ is a perfect match for the open-pit, high altitude condition of the mine. With lower fuel consumption and efficient tare weight-to-payload ratio, the vehicles are able to deliver optimal results even as the mine gets deeper. The test reveals that Scania has lower fuel consumption per cycle than the competitors in the similar range.

Additionally, Scania provides a full 36-month financing contract via Scania Financial Service. This is the first time that MUR-WY is using Scania's financial service.

On-site service

Scania also provides MUR-WY with full Repair & Maintenance contract that includes on-site field workshop, fully integrated with Scania’s dealer management system, as well as parts stock. In tough and remote conditions, both trained drivers and maintenance and repair of vehicles on-site help keep up productivity and profitability. Scania’s maintenance procedures are built on maximising uptime. Scania’s modular system leads to significantly fewer parts than the industry average, thus allowing parts ordering to be simpler and at greater availability.

Real-time data

With Scania’s connectivity solutions, MUR-WY can now have an insight on what is happening in their operation 24/7. Scania Fleet Management Portal provides a window into crucial vehicle information, such as GPS position, engine and driver performance, fuel consumption, emissions, driving time and idling time. Evaluating such data will further help MUR-WY and Scania discuss the right driver services solutions and maintenance plans. With the right information, decisions based on facts and necessary improvements can be made on a regular basis.

“By providing a full range of solutions, we are moving towards strengthening a relationship and building a partnership with our customers. It goes beyond the specification of the truck. It’s about adding values to the customer’s operations and making sure they’re getting the most out of our solutions” – said Oscar Castillo, Mining Manager from Scania Peru.

To learn more about Scania Mining Solutions, please visit us at www.scania.com/mining