New Sizetec Rotary Cage Screen

Sizetec has a new Rotary Cage Screen for trash removal in mill circuits, trash removal before beneficiation processing, or carbon recovery from carbon-in-leach (CIL) and carbon-in-pulp (CIP) tailings
New Sizetec Rotary Cage Screen New Sizetec Rotary Cage Screen New Sizetec Rotary Cage Screen New Sizetec Rotary Cage Screen New Sizetec Rotary Cage Screen

Sizetec Rotary Cage Screen

Staff reporter

The Rotary Cage Screen is easily modified to fit the carbon retention Interstage Screen (US patent pending) which is submerged in CIP/CIL adsorption tanks.

The screen cylinder utilises internal solids lifters with rotating support rails at each end, supported and driven by two tyres inside the top of each rail. Tyre rotation is electronically synchronised side to side and speed controlled by inverter.

Feed slurry is introduced to the interior of the screen cylinder by pipe, or launder (from both sides) in the case of the Interstage Screen. Slurry then passes through the rotating cylindrical screen media into an under hopper and is discharged through a pipe. Trash or carbon retained is then lifted with rotation and deposited into a collecting chute for discharge by screw conveyor or pushing water. In the case of Interstage Screen, carbon can be transported by pipe to the most suitable location in an adsorption tank.

Screen openings are washed clean by high-pressure spray water at the top of the cylinder to ensure maximum open area when rotated again to the bottom. Rotational speed can be adjusted for the amount of trash or carbon in the feed to maintain a clean screen surface.