Micronics introduces MicroPress

The Micronics Engineered Filtration Group has introduced its latest wet filtration product, the MicroPress, a compact, easy-to-ship 150mm filter press that is available both as a rental unit for pilot testing and for purchase as a small, bench-scale filtration unit
Micronics introduces MicroPress Micronics introduces MicroPress Micronics introduces MicroPress Micronics introduces MicroPress Micronics introduces MicroPress

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The MicroPress is assembled in Micronics' filter press facility in Dover, New Hampshire, US, and most components are US-sourced.

The MicroPress is designed for a variety of markets and applications and is particularly well-suited to low-solids polishing applications. Unlike typical 470mm and 500mm test presses, Micronics' MicroPress has a single chamber with a head plate and tail plate and can comfortably allow testing for cake thicknesses ranging from 15mm up to 60mm. The MicroPress comes equipped with both membrane squeeze and cake blow capabilities, features not generally available in filter presses of this size. The pre-squeeze cake volume with the MicroPress ranges from 122-486mL. 

The new MicroPress is useful for both evaluating a new process or for identifying process improvements for existing applications, including achieving faster cycle times and drier filter cakes.

Tim Snow, applications engineering manager at Micronics, said: “After carefully listening to our customers' feedback, Micronics is excited to deliver this innovative new product to the filtration marketplace. The MicroPress is the perfect size for when the standard 470mm test press is simply too large for customers' pilot testing needs. It is very well-suited to situations in which customers have very limited sample volumes to work with, now making it possible to test a wider array of variables across a greater number of trials.”

Snow added: “Fast deployment is another great benefit of our newest press. Weighing only around 100lb, the MicroPress is much smaller and more economical to transport than the larger 470mm test presses, including our own. In contrast to the new MicroPress - which can ship via UPS or FedEx - the 470mm test presses are approximately 2,000lb and must ship via truck. Our sales and service professionals can conveniently check this new 'Filter Press in a Box' on an airplane and hand-deliver the unit to a customer site to assist with testing.”

The MicroPress comes complete with a feed pump and a high-pressure manual air pump for the membrane squeeze. Customers simply need to provide the compressed air to run the pump. Several filter cloth styles appropriate to the application are also included.