Outotec launches FP-S filter press

The new Outotec FP-S filter press is designed for standard filtration applications, when a short delivery lead-time and safe, reliable operation are top of the priority list
Outotec launches FP-S filter press Outotec launches FP-S filter press Outotec launches FP-S filter press Outotec launches FP-S filter press Outotec launches FP-S filter press

The new Outotec FP-S filter press for standard applications

Staff reporter

The FP-S filter press features a standard design and options for short lead times and reduced capital expenditure for customers.

It offers efficient solid-liquid separation, is available in a wide range of configurations, and is backed by Outotec's technical services; the company stated that this will ensure reliable process performance and long equipment lifetime.

"Our goal is to develop a standard design for filter presses, which would enable us to offer a cost-effective option for straightforward applications that could be manufactured and delivered within a short timescale," said Geoff Foster, director filters at Outotec. "The new Outotec FP-S filter press offers the same safety, reliability, and quality as all our other filtration solutions, but is designed for less demanding applications that don't require product tailoring to meet the exact need of each process."

The Outotec FP-S filter press is ideal for a broad range of applications including filtration in bulk mining, tailings, metallurgical refineries and industrial minerals. It is available with filtration areas ranging from 1m2 to 1,000m2.

The filter press is available in sidebar and overhead-beam configurations. The overhead-beam option offers reliable operation for harsh environments with corrosive slurry residues and features a top single-point shifting device to help prevent non-synchronous movement of the overhead shifter. The shifting movement is precise, smooth, and easy to adjust, with reduced wear resulting in a longer component lifetime.

Each filter can be delivered complete with piping, valves, and instruments (optional); the main piping can be factory-commissioned to speed up on-site commissioning. Customers can choose from a range of safety device options, including light curtains, a pull-wire switch to protect against the mechanical movement, and movable or fixed splash guards to protect operators from coming into contact with the hot or toxic slurry.

The Outotec FP-S filter features Siemens control and an HMI system for easy, stable operation. The control system can be configured according to the operating condition and process requirements.

Due to the modular design of the Outotec FP-S filter press, it can be configured with optional accessories to meet the requirements in standard filtration applications. Outotec's scope of supply can cover everything from filtration process design to filter press and ancillary equipment selection, installation and commissioning, and spare parts supply.