Medaro readies for lithium extraction pilot

Canadian junior Medaro Mining said it is developing a lithium extraction technology laboratory with partner Global Lithium Extraction Technologies, with testing to start by the end of August.
Medaro readies for lithium extraction pilot Medaro readies for lithium extraction pilot Medaro readies for lithium extraction pilot Medaro readies for lithium extraction pilot Medaro readies for lithium extraction pilot

Medaro said Global Lithium has been purchasing materials and equipment to assist with its test-tube scale development of the technology.

Chemicals that will be used for process reaction experiments have already been ordered and equipment, including small pressure vessels and glass reactors, are currently being custom designed and fabricated in preparation for the commencement of testing by month-end.

Medaro Mining has said previously that its "revolutionary" spodumene processing technology will increase quality and permit even greater production cost savings through rapid extraction and reduced transport of concentrates.

"By narrowing distances from mine to processing Medaro aims to reduce product margin disparity, boost production and achieve parity with global brine production", says the company on its website. 

The company has acquired the rights to commercialise a thermochemical technology designed to rapidly extract lithium from spodumene (LiAlSi2O6) and convert it to high-purity lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) and/or lithium hydroxide (LiOH) and/or lithium metal (Li).

The company has said that, Ssubject to pilot tests, initial studies predict every tonne of concentrated spodumene could potentially deliver almost 1/5 of a tonne of Lithium Carbonate and approximately 1/4 tonne of Lithium Hydroxide ready for market.


Samples from Medaro's Superb Lake lithium property, located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and CYR South lithium property, located in James Bay, Quebec, will be sent to the new testing laboratory for processing and preliminary extraction experimentation.

Faizaan Lalani, Medaro's President, states, "We are very pleased with how quickly things are coming together with the development of the lithium extraction technology. The ability to source hard rock samples from our own properties is a great added benefit. We look forward to reviewing the results from this first phase of laboratory testing."