Aggreko launches Global Cooling Tower Series

Aggreko, a global provider of modular, mobile power, has launched the Global Cooling Tower (GT) Series
Aggreko launches Global Cooling Tower Series Aggreko launches Global Cooling Tower Series Aggreko launches Global Cooling Tower Series Aggreko launches Global Cooling Tower Series Aggreko launches Global Cooling Tower Series

Aggreko's GT Series aims to support and increase efficiency for customers in a variety of industries, including mining

The GT Series, Aggreko's first mobile and modular cooling tower which can be deployed on a global level, aims to support and increase efficiency for customers operating in an increasingly decentralised and digitalised energy market. Aggreko has already installed GT Series products at customer sites across the world from Japan to North America.

A company spokesperson confirmed that Aggreko will also be pursuing work in the mining industry with these cooling towers.

Engineered by Aggreko, the GT Series' modular design aims to reduce customer energy costs and save space on industrial sites. The new cooling towers are built into a standard shipping container frame that can be installed quickly and easily on new sites, or integrated as part of existing Aggreko projects typically within a few days following delivery. To support the frame, Aggreko has developed new extendable legs, housed within the frame, which can adjust the height of the cooling tower, based on customer need and application.

Currently available in two sizes, the GT-40 and GT-20 cooling towers can be lifted with a forklift or crane, and transported by road, rail, ship or air. This can reduce customer shipping costs by up to 40%, and offer a 25% smaller footprint when compared to current towers. This coupled with the extendable legs allow the position of ancillaries under the towers to make the most efficient use of space on-site.

Billy Childers, head of Aggreko Cooling Tower Services (ACTS), said: "For two decades, Aggreko has been the leading innovator of cooling tower solutions, developing a range of new designs, capacities and capabilities that have since been adapted throughout the industry. I'm fortunate to have assembled and led a team of expert innovators from around the world of Aggreko to bring this innovation to market on a global basis. Something of which I'm incredibly proud."

The units maintain precise temperature control and reduce energy costs through variable-speed fan motors. Aggreko estimated that monthly energy savings from a single GT-40 cooling tower range from US$2,000 to US$5,000 compared to other rental cooling towers, contributing towards decarbonisation targets.

Bill Carrick, group director of temperature control at Aggreko, added: "As energy markets continue to transition, Aggreko remains committed to the ongoing technology investment and innovation that best suits changing customer needs. The expertise of our people combined with the global availability of our large fleet of cooling towers, piping, pumps and power generation equipment, gives our customers an unmatched solution to meet any cooling need, no matter how large, how far or how urgent."

The GT Series is fully connected to Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) providing 24/7 monitoring of flow rates, temperatures, power consumption and water levels to ensure continuous top-performance around the clock.