Multotec's manufacturing goes green

As part of the company’s push for energy savings and to help mitigate the energy issues in South Africa, Multotec has installed solar panels at its Spartan facility near Johannesburg
Multotec's manufacturing goes green Multotec's manufacturing goes green Multotec's manufacturing goes green Multotec's manufacturing goes green Multotec's manufacturing goes green

A total of 684 photovoltaic solar panels were installed at Multotec in November 2019

The work on the system, which started last November, included the placement of 684 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, representing 223 kilowatts of generation capacity.

The system powers Multotec's most energy-intensive business area, its injection moulding facility, and fulfills about 20% of its daily electricity demand.

Multotec group manufacturing executive Werner Stessl said the installation wasn't just an economic move, it was one the company felt would have critical environmental benefits in line with the country's climate change goals.

"Multotec is committed to environmental sustainability, and we value the fact that this installation is likely to save about 30,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions each month," Stessl said. "This is the equivalent of planting about 100 trees a month."

The PV system came about after Multotec retained Energy Capital for an evaluation of the company's energy consumption; it wanted to find a "responsible solution" to leverage the latest renewable energy technology.

"After months of planning and research, it was established that we could run a battery-less system, which would valuably augment our current municipal supply," he said. "After some structural engineering to prepare our designated roof areas, the panels were efficiently placed and linked up."

Multotec, which can monitor system performance from an online dashboard daily, said the new system had exceeded its expectations - and even benefitted the community.

"The local municipality has also begun to benefit from Multotec's initiative, as there is usually 'overflow' power generated at weekends, which the moulding facility does not need. This excess electricity is now channelled back into the main grid by Multotec, at no cost to the municipality," Stessl said.