Immersive rolls out operator analytics service

Simulator supplier Immersive Technologies has introduced an Operator Performance Analytics system that provides insights into operational risk, safety and productivity loss at mine sites
Immersive rolls out operator analytics service Immersive rolls out operator analytics service Immersive rolls out operator analytics service Immersive rolls out operator analytics service Immersive rolls out operator analytics service

Operator Performance Analytics is a business improvement service providing site stakeholders with intelligence on operator performance

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: Every hour a mine captures hundreds of data points measuring operator performance, but too often sites don't take action due to data overload or lack of understanding about the value that can be unlocked by managing operator variability.

The new Operator Performance Analytics solution aims to ease this labour-intensive analysis process.

Global professional services manager Alex Da Silva said that, earlier this year, at a large coal mine in Wyoming, US, the machine and productivity data analysed by Immersive Technologies' Operator Performance Analytics engine, mapped the impact of operator performance variance on machine health and productivity.

Immersive was thus able to identify three key areas of operator performance deficit representing the greatest improvement opportunity to the mining operation. This allowed the mine's training team to action a targeted programme focused on operators that sat outside risk and productivity benchmarks.

"By providing that visibility and understanding," he said, "Immersive were able to directly support an improvement in operator performance, leading to a 28% reduction in operator induced machine events and a 4% reduction in spot time, in a very short time period."

Wayde Salfinger, executive director of marketing, added: "There is a huge unknown when data is not filtered, analysed and presented in a useful way. Lack of data driven insights means performance issues go unaddressed, typically costing millions of dollars per year.

"Our analytics solution provides site stakeholders with accurate and timely intelligence on operator performance variability and training needs analysis. The solution is structured to deliver immediate analysis across multiple data systems and critical information is presented within a dashboard tailored to stakeholder requirements."

Operator performance gaps can be closed when the right data is in the hands of training and operations management. Immersive Technologies connects the workforce development plan, fleet data and training data into a comprehensive reporting dashboard.

With a dedicated analytics centre, a global workforce of training advisors and proven best practice training methodology, Operator Performance Analytics provides actionable insights for mining operations to become more effective and efficient, the company said.

Operator Performance Analytics features include:

  • Identifying machine health and operator performance variability trends;
  • In-depth reporting on operator performance deviation from benchmarks with specific recommendations for targeted training;
  • Monitor operator performance pre and post training; and
  • Predicting workforce requirements to meet mine site objectives.

"Without context, data has limited utility. Our consultants are versed in continuous improvement and operator performance analysis. We can help you avoid the pitfalls that surround data interpretation linked to targeted training plans by ensuring that we are available to review, interpret and answer questions," said Da Silva.