sensemetrics, DHI collab on 'cyber-physical' water management

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company sensemetrics and water solutions provider DHI are partnering up to integrate their systems for water management at mine sites
sensemetrics, DHI collab on 'cyber-physical' water management sensemetrics, DHI collab on 'cyber-physical' water management sensemetrics, DHI collab on 'cyber-physical' water management sensemetrics, DHI collab on 'cyber-physical' water management sensemetrics, DHI collab on 'cyber-physical' water management

MIKE Mine is DHI’s operational software for water management at mine sites

Staff reporter

Under the new agreement, the sensemetrics cloud-based platform will help automate data collection into DHI's MIKE Mine software for mine water management systems.

The aim is to create a digital twin with all virtual components for a ‘cyber-physical' mine water management system.

It also provides a continuous value-cycle between the physical system and the cyber equivalent, sensemetrics explained, allowing outcomes of future management actions to be tested, optimised and automated.

"We have been successfully working with sensemetrics on multiple applications for mines in North and South America. The speed and ease of access to real-time data from sensemetrics platform was a primary driver in our decision to enter into a strategic partnership with the company," said Stefan Szylkarski, vice-president at DHI.

"Our digital twin technologies combined with sensemetrics' end-to-end IIoT cloud platform enables us to offer a proven, real-time, cloud-based cyber-physical management system for mine water operations. MIKE Mine effectively reduces water management costs and water-related risks, and improves the overall efficiency of the operation through the automation of reconciliation between planned and actual operating conditions."

DHI will immediately integrate the sensemetrics platform through several of its modelling and management products, including Feflow, MIKE Operations and the flagship MIKE Mine.

"Water is critical to profitability at mine sites worldwide," sensemetrics CEO Matt Meehan said. "DHI's deep experience and advanced technological solutions within the water industry coupled with sensemetrics' plug-and-play connectivity and IIoT platform solution will make it even easier, safer and more efficient for users in the mining industry to solve challenges in mine water operations."

The agreement with DHI was made as part of sensemetrics' Alliance Member Program, an initiative aiming to create a network of technology and software professionals that can help deliver more comprehensive IIoT solutions for industry.