Aveva releases centralised data hub

Engineering and industrial software company Aveva has launched its Unified Operations Center solution, a central hub that integrates information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) applications
Aveva releases centralised data hub Aveva releases centralised data hub Aveva releases centralised data hub Aveva releases centralised data hub Aveva releases centralised data hub

The Unified Operations Center aims to transform the control room into a collaborative workspace

Staff reporter

The new solution was designed as a collaborative workspace, aiming to break down functional silos and help companies with their digital transformation.

Aveva said this was the first case of a single solution integrating IT and OT applications in a central hub, enhanced by industry-specific customisations.

The Unified Operations Center, built on the Aveva System Platform, offers solution templates, reports, dashboards and operational key performance indicators. These unify all available data from operations, process, engineering, maintenance and finance.

The solution is based on a ‘system of systems' approach. This allows plug-in of apps, predictive analytics, CCTV video, GIS maps, enterprise resource planning systems, and engineering piping and instrumentation diagrams, within the unified user interface.

By working with infrastructure operators and companies within verticals like oil and gas and mining, Aveva said it was able to turn "best practices into templated solutions that are repeatable, scalable and adaptable".

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), iron ore and manganese miner Assmang Proprietary and the city of Atal Nagar in India have used early versions of this tailored approach. According to Aveva, they realised reductions in project implementation times by as much as 60% over the more time-intensive process of integrating bespoke solutions.

Assmang turned to Aveva to help it centralise operations, consolidate its value chain, and increase situational awareness among three individual mineshafts at its Black Rock mine operations.

Yogesh Ramjattan, business improvement manager at Black Rock, said they needed a total view of the value chain, from the face through to train loading.

"With everything brought under one umbrella [it] would allow us to get the full view of all of our infrastructure, all our different plants and mining operations, to enable us to manage the entire process far more efficiently," he explained.

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