Genie booms lift up Kaz expansion

The expanding Kaz Minerals copper mine in Kazakhstan recently brought in help for the steel construction assembly work at the remote operation: a fleet of 18 Genie boom lift machines
Genie booms lift up Kaz expansion Genie booms lift up Kaz expansion Genie booms lift up Kaz expansion Genie booms lift up Kaz expansion Genie booms lift up Kaz expansion

Genie equipment assisted in steel assembly work, particulrly work at height, during the mine's project

The work, which was performed in conjunction with Terex cranes, is part of a larger US$1.2 billion expansion at the copper mine in Aktogay.

Regional Terex equipment providers Korund Group sent in 12 Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) boom lifts - six 34m Genie SX-105 XC and six 40.1m Genie SX-125 XC units.

Genie XC booms, which are designed to work in heavy lifting access applications, combine a 1.52m articulating jib with a dual lift capacity of 300kg unrestricted and 454kg restricted. This is a third more than the industry standard.

The Genie SX-105 XC and SX-125 XCs used also feature the Genie mini XChassis design, which have the advantage of a compact 3.94m x 4.11m footprint with an extendable/retractable axle system. The narrower profile makes for easier transport as well as low-effort maintenance.

All of the models boast zero-load field calibration to increase performance, reduce time for set-up and improve overall productivity. This is due to a load sense cell that can continuously check platform weight to ensure the machine is within load limit.

"Work is underway on a big scale, from the installation of a new concentrator used to extract copper sulphide from raw ore to new conveyors and other processing equipment," Terex noted of the project in eastern Kazahkstan, near the western China border.

Development work also includes a link with the national rail network, access to roads to the Chinese border and office buildings and living quarters for about 1,500 workers.

The large-scale open-pit mine has a maximum annual ore processing capacity of 25 million tonnes. It hopes to reach 50Mt at the completion of the expansion in 2021. Its doubled capacity will extend the mine's life span of 28 years.

"When you have around 20 large models of the same brand working on a project like Aktogay, the challenges involved make it easy to gauge their performance," Korund owner Sergey Bereza said.

"We are glad to say that, in the eight months that they have been in operation, our Genie XC booms have proved to be extremely robust and reliable, running virtually non-stop."

He noted that the harsh climate of the mine has made work tougher; temperatures can range in the region from -20 °C in the winter to 30°C in the summer, which can slow things down when it comes to delivering equipment and components. The machines, however, were ready to tackle the conditions.

"The cold weather option fitted on the machines, which includes ad-hoc features to warm up their most critical components, was ideal to help us keep working no matter how low the temperature," Bereza said.