Deswik adds to geology toolbox

Australian mining software developer Deswik has introduced Deswik.Mapping as part of its set of tools for geological mapping and sampling
Deswik adds to geology toolbox Deswik adds to geology toolbox Deswik adds to geology toolbox Deswik adds to geology toolbox Deswik adds to geology toolbox

The new release can accept custom symbols, colors, sizes and names

Part of the new Deswik.GeoTools suite, Deswik.Mapping is a Windows tablet application. It digitises the traditional, paper-based methods of the geological mine mapping process. It allows geologists to photograph the face, create 3-D maps and log sample data in-situ on a mobile device, while offline and underground.

Because Deswik.GeoTools integrates with the Deswik Suite, double handling of data is eliminated, allowing for greater efficiency.

"All the data is gathered and captured in the same format and teams are working from a consistent platform," Deswik said.

Deswik.Mapping incorporates a template which can be configured to ensure users follow a consistent mapping style and employ standardised nomenclature to record their observations.

In fact, the new release can accept custom symbols, colours, sizes and names, and parameters in the design can be set to ensure all needed data for every aspect of the section records all required data.

Once a geological map created using Deswik.Mapping is ready, it can be imported into Deswik.CAD or integrated with other Deswik modules. It can also be exported to standard CAD formats.

Deswik additionally noted that, for those seeking to manage sampling activities directly within an existing 3-D environment, users could access the Deswik.Sampling tool. The function allows creation and visualisation of chip and channel sample locations directly in a 3-D mine model, along with the logging of geological attributes and retrieval of analysis data from external data sources.

"By bringing their assay results into the same 3-D integrated environment as other geological and mining data, our users are in a position to make more informed decisions," Deswik.GeoTools product manager Nick Anderson said.

Deswik first introduced the Deswik.GeoTools suite to a select collection of sites last year.