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Did you know that fighter pilots consistently achieve their strategic objectives 98 percent of the time, and in business it’s as low as 13 percent?

Afterburner Australia is a global leader of team development, leadership and operational excellence programs. Our facilitators are all current or former serving fighter pilots who are experts on high performance and human factors.

Operational Excellence

Getting things done these days is rarely easy. We face more uncertainty, because the changes are more frequent, and bring with them things we’ve never encountered before. So it’s harder to do the things that really matter to us, personally and professionally, and do them well.

In order to survive and thrive in today’s environment, we must build for the future, at the same time as delivering today. This starts with doing the simple things well and creating an environment where the collaboration of people, ideas and expertise is paramount because only then can we truly innovate.

Stress-tested Approach

Fighter pilots are very comfortable operating in complex and challenging environments. This is because the Government invests approx. $10 million in each pilot to develop the capabilities needed to operate at the highest level.

The process they use to operate at this level is deliberately simple, and can be applied to any business, project or operation. It starts with learning to plan better, communicate clearer, operate more efficiently, and improve your performance each and every day.

As you work with it, you’ll find it sharpens your team’s awareness, its bias to action, and its accountabilities. Each part of the process instils a belief that the mission is on track, that each person has a clear and critical role, and that they will fulfil it. 

Would you like to operate at a 98 percent success rate?

Contact us today to kick start your operational excellence mission.

Contact us today to kick start your operational excellence mission.

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