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GIW Is More Than Just a Slurry Pump Manufacturer

At GIW Industries, Inc. we don’t just manufacture pumps, we deliver slurry transport solutions to your industry every day. That’s because everything we do revolves around supporting you. When you choose GIW, you gain a partner that will assist you through the entire life cycle of your slurry equipment.

Your Success Is Our Priority

Since 1892, GIW has collaborated with customers to solve some of their most complex slurry transport challenges. After a pump is designed, tested and installed, we ensure your entire process is running at optimal performance. Our success is defined by your success.

GIW is dedicated to making your job easier, safer and more efficient with innovative product features. Our focus on system analytic technologies and new wear programs allow us to solve problems in the field. This means you can spend more time running your business and less time worrying about equipment malfunctions.

Operators at a Chilean copper mine got to experience this firsthand. They turned to GIW after years of dealing with poor performing mill pumps. These pumps required a costly mill outage every 800 hours. Leaders of the mine began looking for an alternate supplier that could help them achieve a reliable shutdown schedule, minimize expenses, and meet a high safety standard.

GIW responded by custom-designing an improved suction liner and impeller to be installed inside the existing competitor pump, providing improved hydraulics and wear life.

The mine operators were so impressed with the performance they decided to replace the entire competitor pump with a complete GIW MDX-750, the world’s largest mill pump. This provided them with 2,000 hours of reliable wear life and reduced plant outages to just four per year.

Since that time, technicians at GIW have successfully installed seven total MDX-750 pumps in the mine’s concentrator plant. Once the lines were upgraded to GIW technology, the customer set yet another new target for success: To extend the operational cycle and reduce plant outages from four to two annually.

To accomplish this goal, they would need cyclone feed pumps that could run 4,000 hours between shutdowns with no operational interruptions.

To accomplish this, GIW engineers relied on their proprietary material called Endurasite. Endurasite is capable of resisting the effects of abrasion for extended periods. When applied to the MDX-750 high wear wet-end parts, this ultra-wear-resistant white-iron alloy vastly improves pump wear life and, in turn, extends time between shutdowns.

GIW experts not only achieved the customer’s goal of 4,000 hours of continuous operation, they also managed to exceed it! Annual shutdowns were cut in half, drastically improving the total cost of ownership with an estimated savings of $6 million USD per mill line.

GIW’s continual development mindset has taken the Chilean copper mine’s pumps from 800 to 4,000+ hours of continuous operation. It’s an achievement — and long-term responsibility — that GIW doesn’t take lightly.

Discover what your business can do when dedicated support revolves around you.


Massive slurry test yields massive results

Massive slurry test yields massive results

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GIW pump achieves 4,000h of continuous operation

GIW pump achieves 4,000h of continuous operation

GIW has built a mill pump for a mining customer in Chile that can run at least 4,000h continuously


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16 OCTOBER 2015
Copper mine sees wear life quadruple

Copper mine sees wear life quadruple

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13 AUGUST 2015



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