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General Terms & Conditions

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Website Terms & Conditions

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Print Terms & Conditions

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Cancellation Policies

Magazine and website subscriptions purchased through our website or our subscription team:

Aspermont will not, under any circumstances, provide a refund for Aspermont Publications received by you.

1 Month trial - If you have taken a 1 month trial for £1 you can cancel your subscription at any time and we will stop payment from the next payable date. If you do not cancel your subscription, we will continue to take payment each month at the digital monthly trial rate of £57.50. To cancel your subscription you will need to inform us at least 10 days before your next payment is due to be taken.

12 month subscription (1 year contract, 12 monthly payments) - Your subscription is paid in monthly instalments for a minimum term of 12 months. Within this 12 months you cannot cancel as you have entered into an agreement to pay for this set period. To cancel at the end of your 12 month subscription you will need to inform us at least 20 days in advance of your expiry date.

12 month subscription (1 year contract, 1 upfront payment) - Your subscription is paid in one instalment for a minimum term of 12 months. At the end of your subscription, we will notify you that we will renew your order automatically. If you do not wish to continue your subscription you will need to inform us at least 20 days in advance of your expiry date.