White Mountain begins its ride

Despite a slight setback in its commissioning schedule due to an equipment delivery issue, Canadian miner Hudson Resources has marked the commissioning of its White Mountain anorthosite (calcium feldspar) operation complete and transitioned into production start and ramp-up in Greenland
White Mountain begins its ride White Mountain begins its ride White Mountain begins its ride White Mountain begins its ride White Mountain begins its ride

Hudson is readying its inaugural shipment of calcium feldspar

All major equipment components under load have been tested, and the production of GreenSpar anorthosite product has commenced.

All equipment is performing as anticipated except for a secondary high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) crusher, which is currently running at 55% capacity.

Hudson officials said incorrect motors were delivered for the HPGR during the construction phase; while the issue has been rectified with the vendor, the miner is still awaiting some final parts in the coming week that will allow the crusher to run at its designed capacity.

The replacement, thus, left crews about eight weeks begin on the commissioning schedule for the mine. Hudson also said it is reviewing working capital needs as a result.

President Jim Cambon said the mine is now preparing its first shipment of product, and the "excellent" interest in the product from various markets is increasing.

"Hudson is in negotiations with several potential customers, and we expect to be able to announce a new e-glass customer and a new paints and coatings customer in 2019," he said, adding that the company has also retained a shipbroker to establish a shipper for a Greenland-US route of its initial shipments.

The first, from the mine to Charleston, South Carolina, US, is set for March. It has selected Carver Companies' Carver Maritime Charleston to provide services and facilities, including stevedoring, offloading, storage, bagging and trans-loading, at the destination.

While the initial agreement is for one year, the companies will be examining the potential for a long-term contract, the company said.

Hudson's anorthosite is a calcium feldspar rock which is primarily comprised of aluminum (31%), silicon (50%) and calcium (15%). The White Mountain anorthsoite is unique in its size and purity, according to company officials; the only larger anorthosite occurrence is on the moon.

Hudson owns 100% interest in White Mountain, which has a 100-year estimated mine life currently and is already fully permitted for 50 years.

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