All a go for H-E Parts takeover of Allgo

While the companies opted to table their takeover announcement for about a year, H-E Parts International is now confirming it has acquired Allgo Engineering
All a go for H-E Parts takeover of Allgo All a go for H-E Parts takeover of Allgo All a go for H-E Parts takeover of Allgo All a go for H-E Parts takeover of Allgo All a go for H-E Parts takeover of Allgo

H-E Parts, which has now acquired Allgo, just wrapped up a 100-tonne facility and equipment and machining capabilities upgrade project

Mining and mineral-processing parts supplier H-E Parts said this week that it deferred making the news public because, in late 2018, it was putting a plan into place for a new 100-tonne facility, as well as an upgrade project for equipment and machining capabilities. The expansion will allow machining services provider Allgo to handle large mining components for the Western Australian market.

The facility upgrade also included a vertical lathe that can swing up to 8m in diameter; a horizontal lathe that can turn, mill and grind jobs up to 11m in length; and multiple nine-axis floor borers for heavy-duty, general milling work.

H-E Parts said the project was a "multi-million-dollar" effort, but did not disclose further financial details.

"The ability to provide large-scale machining capabilities ensure that all fixed plant service work can be completed in-house, providing our customers with a single source product and service solution," H-E Parts crushing solutions vice president Gordon Fogwill said.

He added: "The crushing solutions division is renowned for their ability to extend and optimise mineral-processing systems through consistent service performance and the ability to provide specialist crusher technicians, whether working on workshop component rebuilds or on-site shutdowns. The ability to conduct in-house machining will allow H-E Parts to fully manage some of the largest component rebuilds for our customers, such as crusher heads and bowls, adjustment rings and shafts."

For Allgo, it now has the capability to carry out its work in a fast-turnaround environment, according to general manager Phil Vergone.

"Allgo is in a unique position, because even under the current market conditions we have invested in the best-quality, high-technology machines. Our operators are amongst the most highly skilled in Australia, and this will provide increased benefit to our customers."