CERA finalises performance standard

The Germany-based Certification of Raw Materials (CERA) scheme, which aims to use blockchain to promote minerals supply chain traceability, has finalised a set of performance standards for mining and processing.
CERA finalises performance standard CERA finalises performance standard CERA finalises performance standard CERA finalises performance standard CERA finalises performance standard

CERA plans to develop standards for each stage of the value chain

CERA said its Performance Standard (CPS) for mining and processing activities is based on a model developed with certification and auditing experts, as well as potential clients and with the EU-backed industry consortium EIT RawMaterials.  

The scheme aims to create a certification scheme for raw materials that takes into account all minerals, all regions, and all production steps from mining to the finished product.

"CERA will only achieve its purpose if it presents real people and real companies working within the raw materials value chain with a useful, intuitive alternative - this is why listening and learning from our partners has been so important," said Dr Andreas Hucke, CERA 4in1 programme director. 

"The CPS is the first step towards realising a holistic and comprehensive sustainability, environmental, social and corporate governance standard completely covering any kind of mining and processing activities.  We are looking forward to seeing the positive impact it will bring." 

CERA added that the CPS review process has involved collaboration with companies and institutions from a wide range of sectors from mining to non-profit organisations.

CERA plans to develop four Sub-Standards: CERA 4in1 Readiness Standard (CRS), CERA 4in1 performance Standard (CPS), CERA 4in1 Chain of Custody standard (CCS) and CERA 4in1 final product standard (CFS).

"To optimise the standard system for every value chain player, as well as to comprehend the entire value chain, four different standards are being developed that address different aspects while building on each other," say the group on its website.