Rio Tinto renews community partnership

PRESS RELEASE: Rio Tinto and the Shire of Ashburton have agreed to extend their long-term Community Infrastructure and Services Partnership (CISP) in the Pilbara, Australia
Rio Tinto renews community partnership Rio Tinto renews community partnership Rio Tinto renews community partnership Rio Tinto renews community partnership Rio Tinto renews community partnership

Staff reporter

The CISP agreements provide for the delivery of infrastructure projects, local services and public events for the communities neighbouring Rio Tinto operations.

Rio Tinto Iron Ore chief executive Chris Salisbury said he was excited to see how the next phase of Rio Tinto’s partnership with the Shire of Ashburton would deliver on community priorities for the towns of Tom Price, Pannawonica and Paraburdoo.

“Rio Tinto is proud of the foundation that’s been developed through the current successful partnership. We are continuing our commitment by allocating A$5.7 million [US$4 million] towards a five-year programme of events, festivals and community capacity building programmes, and will continue to work together to scope and plan for various other infrastructure projects, such as enhanced childcare facilities in Tom Price.”

Through the CISP agreement Rio Tinto has contributed $23 million to date, which has been matched by $22 million of external funding.

The partnership announcement follows a decision to give Pilbara businesses greater opportunity to bid for work under a new local procurement programme.

As part of the move, Rio Tinto has set up a dedicated procurement team to work with local businesses and a web portal to advise of upcoming contracts to allow more local businesses to lodge their interest for future work. A series of procurement workshops will also be held in the Pilbara during July.

Shire of Ashburton president Kerry White said: “Over the past five years the CISP has had a positive impact on the facilities and services available in each of the three towns, providing vibrant, healthy and active communities.”

In 2016, Rio Tinto invested $17.9 million in 130 community programmes across the state, as well as providing $9.8 million in in-kind support.