Dyno Nobel earns CORESafety seal

Explosives maker Dyno Nobel has been given independent certification of compliance with the CORESafety programme by the National Mining Association (NMA). It is the first to be earned by a non-mining company
Dyno Nobel earns CORESafety seal Dyno Nobel earns CORESafety seal Dyno Nobel earns CORESafety seal Dyno Nobel earns CORESafety seal Dyno Nobel earns CORESafety seal

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: Dyno Nobel Americas president says that the recognition reaffirms its core mission of Zero Ham for Everyone Every Day.

“Zero Harm is the foundation of our company’s culture and we engage with each employee every day through reinforcement of safety behaviors like Take5!, our 5 step risk assessment tool, Safety Shares at every meeting, and many other activities, to ensure the safety of everyone, every day is lived as our top priority,” he explains.

NMA president and CEO Hal Quinn notes the recognition shows that employee and contractor health and safety extends well outside of the mine site.

“With this certification, Dyno Nobel has not only proven its commitment to continuously improving safety and health at its operations, but also marked a significant milestone,” Quinn says.

“We are encouraged by Dyno Nobel’s efforts and hope that it inspires other companies serving the mining industry to take the CORESafety pledge and complete certification.”

The independent audit to certify Dyno Nobel was performed by Hethmon Associates principal Tom Hethmon. According to the NMA, since the voluntary safety initiative’s inception in 2011, participants have reduced fatalities by 74%.

The last CORESafety certification was earned in May by Newmont Mining.