Cerro Negro gets its own wind farm

In August 2017, Goldcorp’s Cerro Negro mine in Argentina signed an agreement with the Province of Santa Cruz, to build a wind farm, which will enable new industrial investment and development in Perito Moreno
Cerro Negro gets its own wind farm Cerro Negro gets its own wind farm Cerro Negro gets its own wind farm Cerro Negro gets its own wind farm Cerro Negro gets its own wind farm

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: Cerro Negro will lead the construction of a mixed energy farm (wind and diesel) and will complete a new educational hub in Perito within the framework of the UNIRSE Program, a trust between the Province of Santa Cruz and mining companies to finance social investment and health programmes and projects which contribute to the sustainable development in the province.

The construction of the wind farm constitutes a change in the energy matrix of Perito Moreno, contributing significant benefits such as the removal of noise pollution and reduction of the environmental impact currently generated by the power station, located in downtown Perito, which will be removed. It will also create savings in fuel consumption and would also prevent 296,000t of greenhouse gases (CO2) from entering the atmosphere.

Goldcorp will also complete the construction of the Educational Hub, which will improve facilities and provide additional opportunities for skills development in children and adolescents in the area. The high school will have five new classrooms, and a 1,000m2 multiple-use room.

Thanks to this agreement, clean energy and high-quality educational building infrastructure will be provided, bringing new investment and educational opportunities in Perito Moreno.