#ThisIsMining campaign rolled out by OMA

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Ontario Mining Association (OMA), its members are backing a public education campaign called #ThisIsMining
#ThisIsMining campaign rolled out by OMA #ThisIsMining campaign rolled out by OMA #ThisIsMining campaign rolled out by OMA #ThisIsMining campaign rolled out by OMA #ThisIsMining campaign rolled out by OMA

The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year

According to OMA president Chris Hodgson, the campaign takes a fresh look at the role mining plays in Canadians' lives, and in the province.

He said: "We wanted to share stories about the importance of mining around seven key themes that people can discover on their own and understand how mining touches every aspect of our lives."

These include science and technology, engineering, mathematics, inclusion and diversity, the sustainable and green future, and adventure.

"We want to emphasise the legacy of community building the mining industry has fostered in Ontario. Many people will be surprised to discover just how close mining is to their lives," Hodgson added.

"This campaign is all about the achievements, the people, the progress, the legacy."

Hodgson added that the 18-month campaign would take aim at the ‘millennial plus' (under 45 years of age) audience of southern Ontario, inviting them to join the OMA as it showcases everything mining in Ontario has become.

He explained: "It's about cultivating their curiosity, discovery and engagement. We have great stories to tell."

The #ThisIsMining platform will mainly relay stories using social media platforms, but the association has also created a partnership with the Ontario Hockey League and First Nations groups to tell how their stories relate to mining throughout the summer.

As an added benefit of being an OMA member, members will be able to use the campaign materials in their own marketing strategies.