Sustainability boosts for Newcrest

It was another year without fatalities or life-changing injuries for gold major Newcrest, which spotlighted that achievement and more in its newly released sustainability report
Sustainability boosts for Newcrest Sustainability boosts for Newcrest Sustainability boosts for Newcrest Sustainability boosts for Newcrest Sustainability boosts for Newcrest

At Cadia in Australia, Newcrest is exploring options for on-site power generation using solar energy

Newcrest confirmed that its total recordable injury frequency rate fell 3% to 2.3 per million hours worked.

In the period covered in the document (July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019), the miner released a sustainability framework, setting out a long-term approach to sustainability in every facet of its business. Newcrest said it issued new policies on components such as sustainability, climate change, biodiversity and water stewardship, then embedded those into its planning cycles and assets and set new targets.

Newcrest has set a greenhouse gas intensity target of a 30% reduction in emissions per tonne of ore treated by 2030. So that the emissions goals are considered for all of the group's new projects, it established a shadow carbon price.

Newcrest also outlined its more specific efforts in the report, such as its Cadia solar power generation programme in Australia, funding for the Lihir Medical Centre in Papua New Guinea, and its Wafi-Golpu Cocoa Support advancements, also in PNG.

"Like many companies, we can also look at the sources of our energy supply and opportunities to use more renewable energy. For example, at Cadia, we are in the initial stages of planning for a small solar power trial. We are also looking at gas and further geothermal power opportunities at Lihir," Newcrest managing director and chief executive Sandeep Biswas said.

The company also updated shareholders on its Lihir Malaria Elimination programme; Martu sporting scholarships and programmes; inclusion and diversity statistics; the Telfer Community Driving programme; and the Gosowong community development programme for women's micro-enterprises.

"Newcrest has made good progress in strengthening the sustainability elements of our strategy, supporting our vision to be miner of choice," board safety and sustainability committee chairman Roger Higgins said.

"We are proud to be part of the fundamental role metals and mining play in the sustainable development of society, whether that is through meeting the increasing demand for the components of today's advanced digital and renewable energy technology or in contributing to the livelihoods of the communities where Newcrest operates."