MAXAM releases X-Energy

With an eye on customers' total cost of ownership in a mine cycle that is becoming fully digitised, MAXAM has introduced its blasting service X-Energy.
MAXAM releases X-Energy MAXAM releases X-Energy MAXAM releases X-Energy MAXAM releases X-Energy MAXAM releases X-Energy

Maxam's X-Energy was released in late July 2020

The company, which released X-Energy last week, said the explosives technology can integrate selective energy applications in mining, infrastructure operations and quarrying.

"The novel explosives technology Smart Rioflex and the complementary digital capabilities integrated in MAXAM Blast Center are the cornerstones of this new offering," the company noted. "It combines ... advanced explosives technology (Smart Rioflex) and a set of digital tools for optimised blast design and execution, integrated in MAXAM Blast Center."

X-Energy customises each operation's solution by permitting selective application of the explosive energy according to its rock properties. 

Specifically, with the application of X-Energy, mines can customise designs and executions for each individual blast, and also integrate those to the requirements of its downstream operations.

Benefits of the system include enhanced safety, reduced impact to the environment, optimised rock fragmentation, efficient use of energy, higher production and reduced costs, the company claimed.

Other modules of the X-Energy application: RIOBLAST, an updated blast design and simulation suite, as well as a fleet management system for mobile support unit operations.

Additional modules are a field data logger for data verification, recording and correction on the bench, and the RIOTRONIC X+ electronic initiation system and detonator for precisely timed blasts.