social licence

QMM has restarted production after protesters caused a five-day shutdown.

Report: Rio Tinto restarts Madagascar mine

QMM will provide food supplies to the affected communities for the next two months

25 May 2022

Resolute Mining believes technological innovation has bolstered, not hindered, its social licence to operate at the Syama mine in Mali

New pathways to social licence to operate

With more pressure on miners from society at large, they need to refresh their approach

19 November 2019

BHP recently made a US$400 million commitment to develop technologies to reduce emissions

BHP wants to move from 'social licence' to 'social value'

Miner aims to move from simply maintaining a social licence

09 October 2019

Licence to operate is the No.1-ranked risk for the second year in a row

Licence to operate ranked top risk, again

Increased stakeholder pressure and the rise of ethical investing underpin top mining risk

03 October 2019

 “I’d say that the mining sector has come a very long way in a relatively short space of time in understanding our social impacts …, but the bar is getting higher,” Nicky Black said.

Two-way street of social licence

The bar for social contracts in mining is set ever higher - and the sector needs to meet it

04 September 2019

VoconiQ co-founder and CEO Dr Kieren Moffatt

Building trust, managing social licence

VoconiQ could help miners understand what the communities around their operations really think

31 July 2019

Resource scarcity will force miners to focus on more remote regions where the mining industry has not yet infiltrated. Photo: Haylan

The future of mining will be increasingly remote, risky

With changed circumstances in the mining industry comes a new risk portfolio

12 April 2019

The benefits for the Borden gold mine in Ontario of being all-electric are extensive

Digital tools to ease community engagement

Technology, green solutions can deliver social and cost benefits

11 March 2019


Shockwave offers greener, better blasts with STEMGEL™ innovation

Greater blast control and stemming consistency: Trouchet


Mining Magazine and Australia's Mining Monthly's Digital Underground Report

An integrated thought leadership program from Mining Magazine and Australia's Mining


Whisler-Style Evolution: Hammerless Hydraulic Technology

The innovative solution ended the persistent challenges with loose adapters.

A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the mining sector, brought to you by the Mining Magazine Intelligence team.

A growing series of reports, each focused on a key discussion point for the mining sector, brought to you by the Mining Magazine Intelligence team.


Mining Magazine Intelligence Future Fleets Report 2024

The report paints a picture of the equipment landscape and includes detailed profiles of mines that are employing these fleets


Mining Magazine Intelligence Digitalisation Report 2023

An in-depth review of operations that use digitalisation technology to drive improvements across all areas of mining production


Mining Magazine Intelligence Automation Report 2023

An in-depth review of operations using autonomous solutions in every region and sector, including analysis of the factors driving investment decisions


Mining Magazine Intelligence Exploration Report 2023 (feat. Opaxe data)

A comprehensive review of current exploration rates, trending exploration technologies, a ranking of top drill intercepts and a catalog of 2022 Initial Resource Estimates and recent discovery successes.