A level look at data

BinMaster has released its newest C-100 control console, putting the ability to quickly collect bin, silo and tank data quite literally in the palm of the hand
A level look at data A level look at data A level look at data A level look at data A level look at data

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: New features have been added for 2017 to the C-100 and C-100 MB with Modbus Communications, including a 24 VDC power supply; it also has a NEMA 4X rating for resistance against windblown dust and rain.

The units, designed for use near loadouts for either truck or ground-level access and connected to up to 120 SmartBob cable-based bin/tank/silo-mounted sensors, also can now provide measurement units for feet or cubic feet; US gallons or bushels; and tons or metric tons.

Measurement types can now be provided to the user as product or headroom, level, and formats can be displayed as pounds, kilograms or tons.

When sensors are added or lost, the C-100 also can rescan its network and enable or disable them automatically using another new feature for add/remove.

The controls on the newly updated push button-controlled unit can be presented in English or Spanish, and in the event of power failure its vessel configuration and user settings are stored for easy retrieval.

The C-100 can be used as a stand-alone console, or integrated with BinMaster’s Binventory and eBob software programs.