Red mud rising

On October 4, a major spill of red mud occurred from reservoir No 10 at the Ajka alumina plant in western...

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19 OCTOBER 2010

China's potash concerns

Chinas growing influence in the global primary mining sector continues unabated, but the latest market...

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Saudi's mining promise

Saudi Arabia is a good example of a major oil producer that has made efforts to develop its domestic...

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03 AUGUST 2010

Super tax

Global miners have been up in arms over a planned 40% super tax on miner profits in Australia, announced...

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02 JUNE 2010

Ashes to ashes

There can be no other subject for comment this month than Icelands now infamous Eyjafjallajkullvolcano,...

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05 MAY 2010

Japan's high stakes

Rarely at the high visibility end of the mining world, Japans legendary sogo shosha trading houses are...

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08 APRIL 2010

Iron ore wrangles

The merger of Rio Tinto and BHP Billitons iron-ore operations and assets in Western Australia seems as...

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26 FEBRUARY 2010

Northern real estate

Probably the least known of Canadas diamond mines, the Jericho mine in Nunavut operated from 2006-08,...

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02 FEBRUARY 2010

Congo's iron ore

Lesser known than its much larger neighbour, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Republic of...

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09 DECEMBER 2009

Mining think-tanks

This issue of Mining Magazine is no different to any other, with varied articles on global mining technology...

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18 NOVEMBER 2009

Hands off

On May 1, 2009, Australian rare earths company Lynas Corp announced that it had signed a binding heads...

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14 OCTOBER 2009

100 years young

This issue is something of a one-off, but then a centenary is a major milestone for any publication....

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