Getting some air

Donna Schmidt looks at mining’s ventilation sector and new products making the industry safer and more efficient

Getting some air Getting some air Getting some air Getting some air Getting some air

Strata Worldwide goes to work closing an entry and controlling ventilation flow using a bulkhead constructed from its panels

There are a handful of non-negotiable factors when it comes to mining safely and efficiently, and among that group is proper mine ventilation. Done well, a ventilation design takes care of itself, but when it is inadequate or not operating optimally, it does not take long to remember just how crucial it is to the everyday environment.

Regardless of mine type, and for a variety of reasons, there is no substitution for the presence of a fan system and a well-designed ventilation pattern from effective modelling. Ensuring mines have that involves knowing what's available and what's to come.


Continuing to build upon its 2009 release of Ventsim Visual 1.0, Howden unveiled VentSim Design V5 in early 2018. VentSim Design and sister product VentSim Control, p...