Maptek to distribute 3d-Dig products

Mining technology developer Maptek will now distribute and support the full suite of Earth Technology’s 3d-Dig products in Australia, North and South America
Maptek to distribute 3d-Dig products Maptek to distribute 3d-Dig products Maptek to distribute 3d-Dig products Maptek to distribute 3d-Dig products Maptek to distribute 3d-Dig products

The 3d-Dig excavation editor

Ailbhe Goodbody

Under the agreement, Maptek will promote the 3d-Dig excavation editor and equipment simulator in those regions in combination with its range of existing mine planning and design solutions. 

The 3d-Dig software allows full 3-D simulation of all aspects of mining machine operation - excavation, dump and machine performance. The 3d-Dig tools can be applied to dragline operations, as well as truck and shovel and dozer movements. It is widely used in Australia’s eastern coal markets and has applicability for iron ore strip mining operations. 

At the heart of 3d-Dig is Earth Technology's terrain and landform modelling technology. This includes a ‘dump algorithm’ which accurately simulates the action of material dumped on a numerical terrain model.

Peter Johnson, CEO of Maptek, said: “Applying modelling and simulation techniques helps streamline mining processes and enhances decision making, particularly regarding ‘future proofing’ aspects such as risk evaluation and mitigation. Simulation tools like 3d-Dig have an affinity with Maptek solutions which can optimise processes in order to increase production rates. The detailed understanding of earthworks operations can, in turn, be used to better inform planning and design efforts, contributing to continual improvement and overall efficiency gains for mining operations in the long term.”

He added: “Very large volumes of materials are moved by draglines, so to be able to simulate the impact of material movement in each dragline pass is incredibly powerful. Operators gain a holistic view of how changes to one area may affect another. Truck-shovel simulations can be used to test the workability of optimised mine schedules built with Maptek Evolution. This combination allows for an optimised mine schedule as well as one that conforms to operational design and equipment constraints.”

3d-DigPlus base program and optional modules are available from Maptek offices in Australia, Canada, the US, Chile, Peru and Brazil.