Doosan ushers in Industry 4.0 concept

Doosan Infracore recently introduced the ‘Concept-X’ industrial control solution for construction sites at its proving grounds in Boryeong, South Korea
Doosan ushers in Industry 4.0 concept Doosan ushers in Industry 4.0 concept Doosan ushers in Industry 4.0 concept Doosan ushers in Industry 4.0 concept Doosan ushers in Industry 4.0 concept

Concept-X comprises a wide range of Industry 4.0 technologies

Staff reporter

The new concept demonstrated by the Doosan Group subsidiary, set to be commercialised by 2025, covers everything from 3-D drone surveying to unmanned operation of equipment - all technologies currently being introduced within the mining industry as well.

Concept-X also comprises image recognition, cognitive/control technologies, autonomous driving technologies, 5G remote control, accurate workload estimation and assignment, and failure prediction technologies.

"In short, Concept-X realises the construction site of the future by having all dangerous construction work performed solely by equipment, leaving human personnel free to concentrate on more sophisticated analysis and management tasks," the company said.

Although certain individual unmanned technologies have already been introduced in the field of construction machinery, Doosan Infracore claimed its introduction of unmanned automation technologies to the entire construction site operation process was a world first.

Doosan Infracore will introduce each individual solution as soon as it has been fully verified. These technologies will most likely be extended beyond construction applications, as the company's products are also in use at mine sites.

Doosan Infracore president and CEO Dongyoun Sohn believes the "human-centred technology" will bring about "remarkable improvements in economics and safety" and create "more jobs in high-tech industries".

The company has engaged in industry-academic co-operation with Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Hanyang University in order to develop new technologies related to AI-based construction equipment operations, drone 3-D surveying and operational data analysis.

In 2018, Doosan Infracore, in partnership with LG U+, introduced 5G-based remote control technology.