Teck commits to carbon reduction

Teck Resources, which has already targeted being carbon neutral across all of its operations and activities by 2050, has further defined its dedication to the goal by confirming it will reduce its carbon intensity company-wide by 2030
Teck commits to carbon reduction Teck commits to carbon reduction Teck commits to carbon reduction Teck commits to carbon reduction Teck commits to carbon reduction

Teck has released a series of ambitious goals for sustainability and carbon neutrality across its operations

In an update report on its targets which also updated the miner's sustainability strategy, it outlined a number of topical areas it considers long-term strategic priorities that are backed by short-term milestones. They include climate change; water, tailings; responsible production; biodiversity and reclamation; health and safety; its people; and communities and Indigenous people.

"At Teck, we are always challenging ourselves to improve sustainability performance, so we can be sure we are providing the mining products needed for a cleaner future in the most responsible way possible," president and CEO Don Lindsay said.

"We have set ambitious new goals for carbon reduction, water stewardship, health and safety, and other areas because we believe that a better world is made possible through better mining."

In addition to its goals of 33% carbon reduction by 2030 and being entirely carbon-neutral by 2050, Teck said it plans to procure 50% of its electricity demands in Chile from clean energy by 2020 and 100% by 2030 as part of its climate change targets.

In addition, it said it will "accelerate the adoption of zero-emissions alternatives for transportation" by 2025 by displacing the equivalent of 1,000 internal combustion engine vehicles.

The miner's water goals include transitioning to seawater or low-quality water sources for all of its operations by 2040 in regions where water is scarce, and it will also implement water management and water treatment solutions across its portfolio to protect downstream water quality.

On the tailings front, the company said it will be "preferentially" considering those milling and tailings technologies which utilise less water; this will affect both new mines and any extension projects at existing operations.

It will work toward zero industrial waste by 2040 under its plans for responsible production, and will also develop and implement at responsible producer programme and "product passport" traceable through the value chain in the next five years.

Also by 2025, all Teck operating sites will have and be implementing the plans for securing a net-positive biodiversity impact. It will continue on its health and safety journey by eliminating fatalities, serious injuries and occupational disease, officials said in the report.

Finally, on the people front, it will increase Teck's percentage of women workers, including those in leadership positions; advance its inclusion and diversity initiatives in the next half decade. It also plans to, by that same year, achieve a greater representation of Indigenous peoples across its business.

Teck officials said it will report n its progress as it goes along.

"We established our first sustainability strategy and goals a decade ago and are proud of our progress to date," SVP of sustainability and external affairs Marcia Smith said.

"We know there is more work to do, and our updated strategy and new milestone goals provide us with a clear roadmap to advance our work to protect the environment, collaborate with communities and governments, and foster a workforce that is respectful, safe, inclusive and diverse."