Maestro launches EthernetI/O at SME

Maestro Digital Mine launched its latest digital solution, the EthernetI/O, at the SME Annual Conference in Denver, US, on February 25
Maestro launches EthernetI/O at SME Maestro launches EthernetI/O at SME Maestro launches EthernetI/O at SME Maestro launches EthernetI/O at SME Maestro launches EthernetI/O at SME

Maestro Digital Mine launched EthernetI/O at the SME Annual Conference

Maestro Digital Mine manufactures Internet of Things (IoT) measurement and control instrumentation for the optimisation of underground mine ventilation and underground digital networks for last mile communication.

Maestro's EthernetI/O provides both remote input/output (I/O) functions as well as two full proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control loops over standard industrial Ethernet communication protocols. EthernetI/O helps to reduce or eliminate the use of complex and expensive programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in the underground mine environment, saving both time and money.

Michael Gribbons, vice president, sales and marketing at Maestro Digital Mine, remarked: "Instead of purchasing an expensive PLC, rack, rugged enclosure, adding power supplies, loop isolation and wiring, the EthernetI/O is a comprehensive solution that can be rolled out and configured using a simple web interface. No additional power supply, enclosure or wiring. No more programming. No more expensive and complicated PLC solutions. No more software licencing models and renewals. Mine hardened and ready for deployment out of the box!"

EthernetI/O is currently available in two versions; one for analogue and discrete devices (model AD4), and a second (model RTD12) with resistance temperature detector (RTD) inputs.

Applications for the EthernetI/O range include: level entry monitoring of utilities such as water, compressed air, diesel fuel and paste/backfill; level entry control of compressed air shut-off valves for energy programmes; level entry control of water pressure regulation; monitoring of fan/motor bearings and motor stator temperatures; monitoring of ore pass and bin levels; monitoring and control of automated doors; monitoring and control of level air regulators; gate control and monitoring; dewatering pump monitoring and control; remote fuel station level monitoring; and monitoring of shaft bottom level.

EthernetI/O supports communication over Modbus TCP/IP or EtherNet/IP industrial protocols, making integration into both current and legacy systems simple.

Maestro has successful deployed this solution in some of the largest global mining companies which include Rio Tinto, BHP, Vale and several small- to medium-sized mining operations.

Maestro products are made exclusively for the underground mine automation, IT and ventilation sectors, delivering energy savings and productivity improvements while meeting the highest health and safety standards.

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