Oxbotica partners with Navtech

Autonomous vehicle software provider Oxbotica has entered a strategic partnership with Navtech Radar, a provider of technologically advanced and adaptable radar detection systems
Oxbotica partners with Navtech Oxbotica partners with Navtech Oxbotica partners with Navtech Oxbotica partners with Navtech Oxbotica partners with Navtech

A car fitted with Oxbotica autonomy software

Staff reporter

The partnership will create radar solutions for autonomous off-road vehicles. It aims to improve efficiencies, safety, and bottom lines by further enabling the deployment of autonomous vehicles (AV) in any environment and under any conditions. These applications range from mines and airports to warehouses and forests.

Off-road industrial vehicles often cover remote terrain in low visibility conditions. By integrating Oxbotica's software into Navtech's high-definition radars, the two companies aim to further enhance the localisation and perception capabilities of AVs in those environments.

Navtech's high-definition radars have been deployed in five continents and over 46 countries to detect and track objects in critical applications. Their ability to operate in all weather conditions - including dense fog - makes them ideally suited for off-road commercial applications.

The partnership will see Oxbotica integrate its software into Navtech's hardware, starting with the fully ruggedised consumer infrared (CIR) sensor and the new compact CAS (FMCW) 76GHz radar. Initially the partnership will develop an odometry solution before expanding to radar localisation.

These capabilities will enable Oxbotica to further meet the growing appetite for the industry application of autonomous software for both on and off highway vehicles. They form part of Oxbotica's vision to deliver ‘universal autonomy' globally with customers and partners and deployments across industries where autonomy will be transformational.

Ozgur Tohumcu, CEO at Oxbotica, commented: "We are delighted to form this partnership with Navtech to boost the deployment of our software solutions to off-road autonomous vehicles. Autonomy in off-road environments has long been regarded as a challenge to satisfying the appetite for autonomy in industries. This alliance is proof that the right companies are already prepared to meet that need, and the application of autonomous software is ready for deployment in limitless ways.

"It's testament to Oxbotica's success to date and will further our entry into additional important industries where our technology can unlock efficiencies and create safer, more productive workplaces."

Philip Avery, managing director at Navtech, added: "Oxbotica is the perfect partner for us - a leader in its field with software that fits seamlessly into our products, and with an engineering culture that mirrors our own. We look forward to working with Oxbotica to mutually boost our technologies and capitalise further on the huge market opportunities that lie ahead."