Chrysos partners with MSALABS to distribute PhotonAssay

PhotonAssay developer Chrysos Corporation has announced a global partnership with geochemical laboratory services provider MSALABS to deliver the PhotonAssay solution to the international mining industry.
Chrysos partners with MSALABS to distribute PhotonAssay Chrysos partners with MSALABS to distribute PhotonAssay Chrysos partners with MSALABS to distribute PhotonAssay Chrysos partners with MSALABS to distribute PhotonAssay Chrysos partners with MSALABS to distribute PhotonAssay

Chrysos PhotonAssay is a chemistry-free replacement for fire assay

MSALABS, a subsidiary of Capital Limited, will deploy at least six Chrysos PhotonAssay units across the globe over the next 18 months through the partnership. The first unit will be installed at Barrick Gold Corp's Bulyanhulu mine in Tanzania, and the companies will then commission three more units in Africa and a further two in Canada by mid-2022.

Chrysos PhotonAssay analyses gold by hitting samples with high-energy X-rays. This causes excitation of atomic nuclei, which allows enhanced analysis of gold, silver and complementary elements in as little as two minutes.

Chrysos stated that PhotonAssay allows large samples of up to 500g to be measured and provides a true bulk reading independent of the chemical or physical form of the sample. The process is non-destructive so all samples can be retained for further testing or analysis if required.

Stuart Thomson, CEO of MSALABS, said: "Adding Chrysos PhotonAssay into the mix of our offering for our global mining customers is exciting for us. This technology will significantly improve the results turn-around time for our clients. They can be confident that critical data will be delivered consistently within timeframes not possible with fire assay. The process also requires less technical training and minimises the likelihood of error, all tangible, measurable benefits that enhance decision-making and improve our customers' bottom lines."

He added: "In recent times we have grown our network significantly and have 13 laboratories in all the key mining centres. As we roll out this technology across our regions, we expect it will benefit our customers operating across the mining value chain, from greenfields exploration, through to production and eventual mine closure, and will be an outstanding addition to our existing complete range of geochemical laboratory services for miners and explorers alike."

Dirk Treasure, chief executive of Chrysos, said that PhotonAssay's expansion into complementary elements outside of gold was a key factor in sparking the relationship between the two companies. He added: "Chrysos PhotonAssay's analytical abilities across gold, silver, copper and moisture were strong factors in the technology being chosen to support the Capital Limited and MSALABS service expansion programme at Barrick's Bulyanhulu gold mine in Tanzania."

In August 2020, Chrysos signed a deal with Canada-based gold miner Kirkland Lake Gold to install a PhotonAssay unit at its Fosterville mine in Victoria, Australia.