Cat launches optimised grader for haul roads

The new Cat 24 motor grader is designed to deliver improved performance, lower costs and advanced safety for the construction and maintenance of mine roads to improve mining truck efficiency

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Cat 24 grades mine road

Cat 24 grades mine road

PRESS RELEASE: The Cat 24 motor grader is equipped with a 7.3m (24ft) wide mouldboard and is application matched for medium to large mines running trucks over 180t (200 US tons) payload.

Its modular design means components can be removed and installed quicker and easier, in some cases, up to 70% faster when compared to the Cat 24M. Standard Cat Grade with Cross Slope can improve operator productivity and haul road quality, which lowers truck tyre wear, decreases rolling resistance and reduces premature tyre failure.

The new motor grader features optimised weight balance and 15% more low-end torque compared to the Cat 24M. These features improve traction and help maintain consistent ground speed, especially when carrying a large load on the mouldboard, working on grade or turning under load. An 11% increase in machine weight provides additional blade down pressure and tractive force to increase blading performance, and consistent power-to-the-ground controls engine power levels to offset cooling fan losses, allowing the motor grader to deliver optimum performance.

The Cat C27 engine with ACERT technology delivers reliable performance and prolongs target rebuild life by 33% over the C18 engine. The new 533mm (21in), 6-speed planetary transmission and improved rear axle bevel gear and final drive extend lower power train service life by up to 33%, lowering service costs.

The engine offers a net power range from 399-518kW (535-694hp) and provides a 15% low-end torque improvement over the 24M. Two configurations are available to satisfy most global emission standards – US EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV for stringent emission standards, and Tier 2/Stage II for less regulated countries – both offering full power performance at maximum altitudes of 3,048m and 4,572m respectively.

The Cat 24 motor grader includes the latest technologies to protect the machine from potential operating or maintenance issues including engine underspeed/overspeed, transmission slip detect, articulation eStop, implements lockout and fluid monitoring.  Prior to starting, the machine performs a diagnostic of the coolant, engine and hydraulic oil levels and gives the OK to start. While operating, the machine automatically monitors and alerts the operator of critically low fluid levels.

The Cat 24 is also MineStar ready, and the machine comes standard with Cat VIMS and Product Link Elite, which delivers advanced machine operation reporting through VisionLink. 

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