Hatch launches Operational Readiness Management System

Hatch has launched its Operational Readiness Management System (ORMS), a cloud-based application

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Hatch's ORMS is a cloud-based application designed to make operational readiness more efficient

Hatch's ORMS is a cloud-based application designed to make operational readiness more efficient

PRESS RELEASE: The ORMS application was specifically designed to manage, track, and enhance operational readiness (OR), the process by which organisations transform new development projects - whether brownfield or greenfield - into functioning operational entities. Often, that transition sees the business-case value erode by anywhere from 20-40% of what was expected. ORMS addresses this, allowing OR teams to collaborate, manage, and perform at whole new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. The project team and its partners get more predictable results and achieve what the business case intended.

"We see clients looking for a system to manage their operational readiness plans more effectively," said Vanessa Visman, operational readiness global director at Hatch. "ORMS helps them save time and money as they move from project mode to full-out operation. Clients have been able to cut their ramp-up period up to 50% so they reach their time-to-market milestone much faster. And that is appealing to both the project and the operations teams. Because ORMS is powered by Microsoft Azure, we can seamlessly tap into the benefits of the cloud and simplify the experience for our clients. This gives us the freedom to focus on our clients and make sure the ORMS app is the best app out there to help them execute their OR plan."

Hatch ORMS is also designed to bring full transparency to OR teams, fostering engagement and accountability across the organisation. Companies meet their ramp-up curves, achieve nameplate capacity faster, improve safety, and reduce implementation costs. ORMS' intuitive user interface and easy-to-use system promote sound project governance with multilevel, real-time reporting, built-in change management capability, and a host of tools for necessities like package execution, auditing, and team interaction. With factual activity-based data, it is the single point of truth for project status, helping teams make proactive decisions objectively and rigorously before it's too late.

With Azure, Hatch's ORMS application can be deployed quickly and easily wherever the team members or external partners are located. All project data is secure, synchronised, and available in real time to the project teams.

ORMS uses Azure App Service and two Azure virtual machines, both running Microsoft SQL Server. The first virtual machine hosts the main application database, while the second hosts the reporting and analytics data model, which uses SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Both virtual machines use Azure Premium SSD Storage for their permanent data storage. Azure Application Insights provides application health and performance monitoring.

"Hatch ORMS on Microsoft Azure means companies can spend more time actually developing their projects and less time on managing and maintaining the infrastructure needed to manage those projects," said Sajan Parihar, director, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. "Customers can focus on their project data and enhancing business processes with Hatch ORMS and trust Azure to provide all the building blocks needed to turn ideas into solutions faster."

In the final analysis, operational readiness is all about ensuring an asset ramps up quickly and productively, so the organisation's operations generate a better cash flow at handover and beyond. The Hatch ORMS application can play a big part in preparing all kinds of process-intense organisations for the success they want to achieve.

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