Redline Communications and Hard-Line collaborate

Redline Communications Group, a provider of wide-area wireless networks for challenging applications and locations, and Hard-Line Solutions, a heavy equipment remote control supplier, have announced a successful collaboration
Redline Communications and Hard-Line collaborate Redline Communications and Hard-Line collaborate Redline Communications and Hard-Line collaborate Redline Communications and Hard-Line collaborate Redline Communications and Hard-Line collaborate

Hard-Line’s Teleop teleremote control system has been integrated with Redline’s industrial private LTE solution

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Together, the companies have successfully integrated the operation of Hard-Line's Teleop teleremote control system with Redline's industrial private long-term evolution (LTE) solution, enabling tele-operation of heavy underground mining machinery (such as rock breakers, drills, excavators, wheel loaders and dozers) from a remote control station.

Integrating Redline's stand-alone private LTE-based infrastructure with Hard-Line Teleop allows operators to be totally out of the proximity of danger, and more easily expand a mine's progression. The system can save time, heighten operator safety, improve comfort and allow a greater percentage of the workforce to operate equipment. Together, the companies demonstrated they could deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective remote operations, on a fit-for-purpose, secure private LTE infrastructure designed for the mining environment.

According to ABI Research in February 2019, the private LTE market value is expected to grow to a US$16.3 billion opportunity by 2025, and ABI references Redline as an existing specialised network vendor. According to Global Market Estimates Research & Consultants' December 2018 report, Global Private LTE Market Size & Analysis, the mining sector is expected to hold the largest market share with a 42% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Hard-Line is certified for installation of Redline private LTE networks and is partnering with Redline to deliver communications infrastructure solutions to the mining industry.

"Redline is excited to partner with Hard-line to help its existing and prospective mining customers," said Louis Lambert, senior vice president, business development for Redline Communications. "As the mining industry progresses through digital transformation to enable ‘smart mining', private LTE is surfacing as the wireless technology of choice to deliver robust, reliable and secure mobile communications."

Scott Whelan, vice president of sales at Hard-Line's, explained: "As a result of our collaboration with Redline, Hard-Line is now certified in both Wi-Fi and LTE solutions to satisfy our customers' needs. This enables our customers to have the flexibility to operate our products on the solution and infrastructure of their choice."

In addition to the collaboration with Hard-Line, Redline continues to invest to further develop communication solutions that are fit-for-purpose for mining companies to deliver on smart mining initiatives globally.

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