A New Era of Mining Technology: Introducing RockMass Eon

Learn more about the future of LiDAR-based geological mapping and features you can expect to see in the upcoming live launch event March 1, 1pm EST

Rockmass Technologies
A New Era of Mining Technology: Introducing RockMass Eon

As mines move away from traditional pen and paper processes to an automated and digital-first approach to geological mapping, they'll need solutions designed with the user at the core.

At RockMass we believe that the next generation of mining technologies should be built with the user at the forefront- not as an afterthought. Which is why we've collaborated with mines across the globe in creating the next evolution of mining technology. We are thrilled to announce the launch of RockMass Eon, the solution propelling the mining industry into the future.

The next generation of RockMass mapping technology will bring all the key features that users love, plus many new ones that we can't wait to share! Read on to learn more about what to expect with our upcoming product release.

Lightweight and ergonomic handheld build

RockMass Eon will be the lightest version of our technology to date. The handheld device will be 20% smaller and 30% lighter than previously available hardware. Additionally, with an updated shape, RockMass Eon will be easier for users to hold and more ergonomically friendly.

Top-notch resolution

With 1080p, RockMass Eon will have 30% higher resolution. This will ensure that teams can get the detail they need to successfully document, annotate, and export essential geological data.

Lightning-fast processing

Users of the device will experience the fastest processing of geological data to date. With improved processing speed, users can quickly capture geological data and increase overall mapping efficiency.

Tripod functionality

With hardware designed with versatility in mind, users can easily connect RockMass Eon to a tripod for more accurate georeferencing. Users also have the option of carrying RockMass Eon once georeferencing is complete, so users can leverage the device whether stationary or on-the-go.

Discover the latest innovations from RockMass

Want to be among the first to see RockMass Eon? Join us for our live global launch March 1st at 1pm EST time. You'll get the chance to hear user feedback, see the device in action, and ask questions with the RockMass team.

Register here to save your spot. Space is limited so please register early if you are interested in attending!


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