One Step Closer to Your Emission Targets

Cast lips for hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders help reduce emissions from day one.

CR Powered by Epiroc
One Step Closer to Your Emission Targets

Sustainability has been a big-ticket item on the mining industry's agenda. Despite the ongoing conversation, the topic remains complex with many variables, and the avenues to achieve emissions targets demand significant effort, time, and investment.

With that in mind, here is a single step that you can implement to bring you closer to your targets, utilising your existing fleet of hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders.

Reducing emissions with smart technology

At CR Powered by Epiroc, we have been changing the mining landscape for over 40 years, challenging the status quo by developing products using advanced technology to increase productivity and reduce emissions.

Direct impact on your Scope 1 emissions

Our team of experts at CR is committed to delivering products and digital solutions that are best in class.

StingrayTM is a cast lip for hydraulic excavators specially designed with a unique plane alignment, cast in one single piece with integrated noses, allowing the machine to dig using less energy. Tests have shown a reduction of dig energy by 13% compared to the market standard.

This design intent is not isolated to Stingray and can be seen across our range of cast lips. For instance, DecaEdgeTM, our cast lip for wheel loaders, has been shown to reduce dig energy by up to 12%.

How does this impact your Scope 1 emissions?

Simply put, a slimline lip profile allows the material to flow with less resistance so that buckets can penetrate dirt with less effort. By making digging more efficient, excavators burn less fuel, reducing CO2e emissions. Diesel has a fixed energy density per liter burned. By reducing the energy required by 13%, Stingray can save up to 38 kg CO2e/hr, saving 217t CO2e annually per machine, which can vary depending on mining conditions and commodity.

These results directly align with CR's ethos. By developing products and technologies that enable more efficient operations, we can assist miners in streamlining their operations, burning less fuel and generating fewer emissions without compromising productivity or profitability.

The economics of efficiency

Increasing machine efficiency is a win for sustainability, but it doesn't end there. It leads to higher payloads, which create a more profitable operation, and it reduces maintenance requirements, leading to safer practices as fewer changeouts are required.

Another differential of CR is our high level of commitment to service the customers. We are on the ground with you, understanding your mine to provide the solution to enhance your operation and leverage your productivity.

Our global presence and expertise are second to none, and we are often consulted by miners wanting to leverage their operations but needing guidance on the best approach.

For example, an iron ore miner in Chile approached us, seeking a solution to reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs. There were too frequent maintenance events for their cast lip, prolonging the planned maintenance cycle, including lengthy weld repairs and pin bodies stuck inside cast noses.

Our team of experts worked collaboratively to review the site conditions and recommended the Stingray cast lip, resulting in less downtime for bucket maintenance, a cost reduction in maintenance, and decreased downtime.

How do you achieve an emission reduction at your mine?

Our team at CR has an unwavering dedication to our customers and supports them in achieving their emissions targets with smart technology.

We have made it easy for you to estimate your potential emission savings by installing Stingray to your fleet of hydraulic excavators. Head to our website, select your machine and commodity and see the potential emissions savings for yourself.

We are leading the way, advocating for a new mining era defined by an unwavering commitment to a greener tomorrow driven by innovation and expertise. Let's start the conversation.

CR Powered by Epiroc

CR Powered by Epiroc engineers advanced mining products and digital solutions for surface and underground mining equipment, fixed plant, and wear parts. Its advanced physical and digital solutions help the world’s best miners unlock productivity, enhance safety, and reduce emissions.



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