Major releases trio of new products

The screening media supplier selected the international audience of the recent Conexpo 2020 event in Las Vegas, US, to release not one, but three new products: Flex-Mat ID Enabled, the Major App and the Flex-Mat Sensor

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The new Flex-Mat Sensor from Major

The new Flex-Mat Sensor from Major

Flex-Mat ID Enabled, designed around RFID technology, tracks and stores screen media data. This includes elements such as panel dimensions and other customer-defined details for easy viewing and ordering.

"It takes the guesswork out of re-ordering and prevents costly mistakes that can result from measuring incorrectly and ordering improperly sized screen media," Major officials said.

All Flex-Mat screen media is now embedded with the ID Enabled microchip, with product information accessible via the new Major App.

"Operations simply scan the Flex-Mat panel with the Major app to access product information, simplifying re-ordering and inventory management. Major can also program the chip during production with some customer-defined information to improve convenience."

The Major App is a smartphone application created to help users stay up-to-date with their site information and have access to advanced digital tools.

The customisable app includes, depending on the type of user, features such as marketing materials, expert documents and an augmented reality measuring tape, and integrates the new Flex-Mat ID Enabled and the newly released Flex-Mat Sensor.

According to R&D and innovation manager Peter Bauer, the app streamlines customer and dealer processes by digitising everything operations need. Users can scan Flex-Mat panels outfitted with the new ID Enabled chip to immediately see screen media specifications, and it integrates with the new Flex-Mat Sensor screen box vibration analysis tool to permit users to operate the sensor and view vibration analysis reports.

The free app is available for Apple and Android phones.

Finally, the Haver & Boecker subsidiary has completed the metaphorical circle with the release of the Flex-Mat Sensor, which allows easy measurements of screening performance without downtime.

The vibration data measurement tool allows its users to review results and fine-tune screen machines. The vibration analysis sensor, which is controlled by the app, enables readings of screen box vibrations within seconds and can create a report for review or for sending to others.

"The simplicity of the system's design ensures valuable and actionable data without the requirement for a plant shutdown to calibrate the sensor," Bauer said.

"This technology … [puts] a wealth of screen performance data into the palm of [a user's] hand. The simplicity of our system makes it extremely accessible and allows dealers and their customers to make educated decisions to improve performance and profits."

He explained that the operator of the sensor could connect a single sensor to the app before placing the sensor on one corner of the machine, then move the sensor to each corner until finished.

"Once the measurement process is completed, the information will be delivered to the phone in the time it takes to climb down from the machine," he said, noting that other systems sometimes cannot provide data until the following day.

The sensor measures G-force, stroke, rpm and orbit, including lateral movement. The kit includes a sensor, instructions, a USB charging cable and app download instructions.

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