DJI and Delair partner up

DJI and Delair have entered into a partnership that will see the two companies collaborate on enhanced and integrated solutions for visual data collection and analysis for businesses
DJI and Delair partner up DJI and Delair partner up DJI and Delair partner up DJI and Delair partner up DJI and Delair partner up

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The partnership will include an agreement for Delair to sell DJI products through its worldwide sales channel, along with launching a relationship to build compatibility across platforms.

"DJI is incredibly excited to be working more closely with the Delair team to support their vision of building a leading software suite," said Jan Gasparic, director of strategic partnerships at DJI. "At DJI, we aim at providing reliable, scaleable drone offerings that empower organisations such as Delair to build software solutions that allow businesses across a range of sectors to benefit from drone data. The partnership is an important agreement that demonstrates an increasing maturity in the enterprise drone industry. It reinforces the benefit of collaboration within the drone ecosystem to deliver more value to customers."

DJI drones are one of the most deployed drone hardware for enterprises today, and the partnership will facilitate the accessibility to incorporate both DJI drone products and Delair's data management platform, providing a hassle-free option for enterprise drone programs.

"Drones for enterprise are more than just hardware solutions: the real key is tapping into and leveraging the data these powerful machines can gather," explained Benjamin Benharrosh, co-founder and VP sales at Delair. "DJI's developer technologies and existing installed base allow Delair to build an industry leading analytics suite that can be utilised instantly across a customer's fleet. Both DJI and Delair recognise the importance of providing enterprise-calibre solutions from trusted partners to enable true digital transformations by our customers. We are confident this partnership will further accelerate how businesses can improve their operational efficiencies using drones."

Delair stated that the relationship will strengthen its ability to serve key industry sectors that are increasingly relying on visual data to drive their businesses, such as mining. Through the support of DJI systems with the platform, customers will have a one-stop shop and optimal freedom of choice in utilising the cloud-based system's wide range of tools to help derive insights from drone data, including industry-specific analytics tools optimised for specific use cases.

Some of the off-the-shelf features and analytics for extracting business intelligence include creating digital twins, field inventory calculations, vegetation encroachment, automatic defect detection, automatic stockpile detection and volume measurements, along with any application which is based on AI object detection for asset management.

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